Spring fashion preview

The future looks bright for all Rattlers, well at least clothes are brightening up for the spring and summer.

Style gurus predict spring and summer fashions will include bright colors, unique sandals pumps, summer dresses and a lot of patterns.

Last year, spring fashion saw the triumphant return of the sundress, trapeze dresses, ballet flats and of course, flip-flops. Metallic was everywhere. And across campus, young ladies were wearing long necklaces, big earrings and bangles of all colors.

This year, the sundress returns with a floral twist. Floral patterns will be very popular this spring and summer, according to Styletips101.com. These soft and cute patterns will be seen in sundresses and in tops.

So, when relaxing by the pool or hanging with friends during your spring break make sure to spice up your style by wearing feminine florals and exciting patterns.

Along with florals, Styletips101.com said flair can be added to a sundress by wearing “hot-colored pumps.” There is a twist to these hot-colored pumps because heels are getting higher.

High heels were once three to four inches, now they are four to five. Trendy shopping sites like babyphat.com, bebe.com and express.com are showcasing these ‘towering’ pumps in their spring collections.

These heels will add flair to any wardrobe but some students are sticking to their own style.

Jessica Wise, 21, a senior environmental science student from Atlanta, said she thinks gladiator sandals and wedges will also be in fashion.

“I don’t know if that’s what all the fashion people say,” Wise said, “But that’s my new thing for the spring.”

The spring fashion forecast also includes all white with a pop of color according to the urban female clothier Baby Phat. This means ultra-stylish students will have to be extra careful while sporting their white ensembles but it is sure to bring attention. Wide leg jeans and wedge heels are also on the radar this spring and summer. Express.com takes its season collection to Grecian-inspired dresses, bright colors and larger satchel and hobo-style bags.

The sentiment on campus seems to be the same; people are trading in the warmer earth tones of the fall and winter for brighter more outside-of-the-box colors, according to Kawanda Taylor, 21, a senior political science student from Orlando.

“It seems people are starting to wear brighter and bolder colors,” Taylor said.

Spice up ensembles with bold primary colors and patterns. Jewelry should not be too overwhelming to any outfit, so ladies please leave out those oversized-hoops, long necklaces and chandelier style earrings when wearing patterns.

High-waist denim has also made a comeback this winter and high-waist shorts are sure to follow in the spring and summer months.

Bianca Cooper, 21, a senior political science student from Jacksonville, said a good way to accentuate bright and floral dresses is with clip-on button earrings.

“High-waist shorts and baby doll dresses are really hot right now,” Cooper added.