Poor campaigns bad excuse for not voting

The voting turnout for the spring elections wasn’t much of a turnout. Doesn’t FAMU have more than 12,000 students?

How is it that not even a tenth of the student population participated in the elections?

Candidates were winning by numbers in the low thousands.

Are students just not concerned with the potential people who will run our student government? Are we not concerned with the people who will become the new face of our great institution?

We’ve heard students complain about the campaign week being too brief. We’ve also heard that the publicity for the pageant and the presidential debate was…well not public enough.

Could these be some of the reasons a large number of our students didn’t show up at the polls Tuesday, or could it be we just have “other stuff to do?”

It’s probably a number of things ranging from poor advertisement and publicity to plain old lack of interest.

I’ve even heard some of my colleagues go as far as saying that many of the potential campaigns for this semester were scantily done and because of the poor effort that went to campaigning they didn’t pay attention.

Now there were some campaigns that were expertly executed and we applaud the hard work that went into the process of their campaign. But then there were those candidates on the ballots that really didn’t try.

It’s not that hard to vote!

Candice Montgomery for the Editorial Board.