Pizzeria herds in clients with menu variety

Local pizza companies are about to get a taste of fresh competition. Located at 1872 Thomasville Road, The Red Elephant Pizza and Grill is serving up great food, delicious treats and a ton of fun.

What separate this family-friendly eatery from local competitors are the fun and colorful atmosphere and the chic and upscale ambiance.

John Schrowang, the restaurant’s founder, originally owned Tallahassee’s Outback Steakhouse for a little more than a decade. After coming up with the idea for a new restaurant, Schrowang left Outback to accomplish his goal and as a result, The Red Elephant has become a success.

The name itself is very unconventional and when heard, some people may think of Indian cuisine as opposed to an American pizza parlor. It turns out that before opening the restaurant, Schrowang could not think of the appropriate name for his new creation. The inspiration for the name came from an unusual source – a red pillow that was shaped like an elephant. It was a different kind of inspiration for a different kind of restaurant.

Specializing in pizza, Red Elephant is shaking things up by serving scrumptious hamburgers, tasty salads, delectable pastas and even hot wings.

And the best thing about it is that everything is offered at an affordable price.

Starters include barbeque chicken quesadillas, loaded cheese fries topped with bacon bits and homemade spicy ranch and chicken wings. All items are $6.99 each. Prices that good are not easily found.

Pizza of course is the restaurant’s main focus and as a result, the menu includes a plethora of pizza related choices. Instead of being served in the traditional round style, some of the pizza is square-cut and is served in three different sizes.

The individual pizza is exactly six inches while the medium-sized pizza is 10 inches and can serve two people. The large pizza on the other hand is intended for four individuals and is 15 inches. There are six different kinds of pizza including the Elephant’s Garden with green peppers, onions and black olives and the “Big Kahuna” with fresh pineapples, hickory smoked ham and mozzarella cheese.

Red Elephant also caters to vegetarians. Zorba’s Salad consists of red onions, roma tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese, while Rebecca’s Salad is loaded with mixed greens, chopped eggs, bacon bits, red onions, tomatoes and homemade croutons.

Other items found on the versatile menu include chicken salad wraps, sirloin steaks, pastas, desserts and a soup of the day.

The Red Elephant opened in November of last year and will be open a second location later this year in Killearn. With reasonable prices, a game room for the kiddies and a variety of different treats, The Red Elephant Pizza and Grill is definitely the place to be.