Becks pleased to be new king

Florida A&M University students waited in front of student activities in the cold until after midnight to hear the results of the run-off election. FAMU Electoral Commissioner Marva Butler announced Jeremy Becks as the King of Orange and Green, “bringing the FAMU heat to the FAMU streets.”

Becks, 20, a junior broadcast journalism student from Atlanta, was elected with 1,007 votes. Runner-up John P. White received 900 votes from the student body.

Since the elections Tuesday, Becks said he put his campaign into overdrive and tried to show FAMU what he meant by “Bringing the FAMU Heat to the FAMU Streets.” Becks said his motivation and drive came from the Office of Student Orientation staff.

“I’m really blessed about having the people’s support,” Beck said. “I am thankful for the help from my fraternity, campus manager and FAMU.”

White, 19, a sophomore pharmacy student from Largo, M.D. said, “Success is not determined by the intended position but by the obstacles overcome.” He said this quote inspired him to take part in the elections.

White explained challenges he faced while running for King of Orange and Green.

“Campaigning was extremely hard because I was by myself,” he said.

Unable to have a team, White stressed that he didn’t have the same force as “bigger elections,” such as Mr. and Miss FAMU and student government association. He said he felt that when he overcame one obstacle from this election, another seemed to come in front for him to tackle.

“This has made me feel that I was supposed to run, whether I win or lose,” White said.

“Reigning Over FAMU” was what White said he was up promoting every day during the campaign season.

“FAMU has spoken,” said Augustus Jones, 21, a senior political science student from Palm Bay. “The new King of Orange and Green, Jeremy Becks,” Jones said. “After knowing this man personally, I’ve seen him do many things on campus, but nothing bigger than this.”

Jones stayed positive while outside in the cold for more than an hour and a half to find out the results for the run-off.

Newly elected Senior Attendant Nzinga Smith, 20, said she had a hard time choosing between candidates for the run-off.

“I love both of them dearly and Jeremy will do well with the Royal Court,” said Smith, a junior business administration student from Washington, D.C.

Becks said he was overwhelmed as his name was called for winning the title as the 2008-2009 King of Orange and Green.

“To be elected with so much responsibility as King of Orange and Green is an honor,” Becks said. “Having a position like this to have an impact on recruitment for the University is amazing.”

2008-2009 Mr. FAMU Omari Crawford, 21, said, “Jeremy is highly qualified, especially because he works with the students already.”

Becks continued to celebrate outside on The Set with students and the other winners.

“I’m overwhelmed with joy,” said Xavier Durden, 24, a senior business administration student from Miami. “I feel that the title couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person than Jeremy.”