Airline lacking mercy, oxygen

The story of Carine Desir, 44, who had heart disease and died on a plane flight from Haiti to New York, was very heart breaking.

It’s unfortunate when someone loses their life, especially when there are suspicions about whether the person could have lived if certain actions were taken.

Desir died shortly after receiving CPR from a doctor on board her flight and was placed on the floor of first class under a sheet. Some believe Desir would still be alive if she hadn’t been refused oxygen three times by a flight attendant.

How can a passenger be denied oxygen after asking for it several times when they were obviously in need of it?

According to a New York Times report, American Airlines said they tried to give oxygen and a defibrillator to Desir. We’re not really sure what to believe.

Desir being rejected oxygen raises many suspicions. We think there was too much time taken in between the calls to the pilot, and this delayed her from receiving oxygen when she apparently needed it.

In addition, what really happened to Desir in this situation wasn’t taken seriously until she was literally taking her last breath.

This causes us to wonder: If Desir was flying first class would she have been granted oxygen on her first request?

Even worse when they finally decided to grant her reques the oxygen tanks were empty. Doesn’t the airline check its equipment before take off?

We might never get answers to these questions but we can ponder all the actions that could have saved this woman’s life.

Priscilla Blow for the Editorial Board.