This year’s Student Government Association president and vice president have been elected. After a week crammed with campaign ads and candidates pouring out their hearts, it is finally over.

Andrew Collins, 22, a fourth-year MBA student from Atlanta, and Mellori Lumpkin, 20, a third-year business administration student from Bainbridge, Ga., were named the SGA President and Vice President at midnight.

“Thank you God, let’s go to work,” Lumpkin said moments after their victory.

Collins made note to live up to his promises.

“I’m very excited,” Collins said. “I have to live up to FAMU’s expectations and do every thing we said we were going to do and more.”

Lumpkin said she and Collins understand each other and know what these positions require.

“We have watched each other in different circles of friends and found that we share the same goals,” Lumpkin said. “The student body needs leadership that understands the impact of the role we play.”

Collins explained his next move in his position as SGA president.

“Our next move is to set up a meeting with Dr. Ammons, each member of the trustees, the deans of each college and school and start advertising for a cabinet position,” he said.

Supporters from both parties were on The Set offering their opinion of the outcome.

“I’m not really disappointed,” said Kende Clemons, 20, a junior pharmacy student. “I voted for Gallop and Dominick, but I think Andrew and Mellori will do a decent job.”

Atlantis McNeil, 20, a junior criminal justice student from Miami, agreed.

“I feel like they have the right people in the right places,” McNeil said. “Andrew and Mellori were out there, and they were seen.”

The 2008 spring elections began Feb. 11 when the candidates declared themselves eligible for the elections.

“We campaigned hard all week,” Lumpkin said. “The events gave people the opportunity to talk to us one-on-one and created opportunities for them to ask us questions.”

Presidential candidate Gallop Franklin, 20, a third-year pharmacy student, said he was not pleased with the outcome of the election. He and Ardis lost by 11 votes.

Regardless of the loss, Franklin said he is trying to look at the brighter side. He said he would be seeking further action from the judicial branch of SGA.

“I’m not sad at all,” Franklin said. “I’m going to start writing this appeal for the recount.”