Your vote makes a critical difference

Florida A&M students will be given the chance to make some major decisions within their University. This Tuesday students will elect individuals who hold the financial well being of the student body, and in extension, the University, in their hands.

By choosing student government officials, FAMU students can potentially reshape their University.

In order to avoid enrollment decline, students need to elect the best Mr. and Miss FAMU candidates. These students will be the face of our prestigious institution and a potent recruitment tool.

Most important, we need to vote for the right people to handle funds within the school. This involves listening to the platforms of class presidents and vice presidents.

Each is responsible for fundraising in their respective classes.

Individuals who are voted into SGA presidential and vice presidential positions will be making important decisions on behalf of the whole student body.

One of these decisions involves deciding where Capital Improvement Trust Funds should go. CITF are donated by the government and allocated at the Senate’s discretion.

Many people think voting in national elections is a waste of time. They think their voices won’t be heard and their votes won’t matter.

This excuse cannot be used for FAMU elections. Each and every vote matters, and so does the future of FAMU.

Christine Thomasos for the Editorial Board.