Assumptions can be deadly

No one knows what a murderer looks like. Some people may say a person fits a certain description or has a certain personality.

But when it is a college student who has been an Eagle Scout, helped HIV-infected children in Uganda and has been a church acolyte, some may not believe a student of this caliber would commit murder.

Nicholas Weaver fits this description and has recently been accused of a cold case slaying of David Baskin Jr. on July 3, 2002 because of an altercation over a girl, according to

The people interviewed in the CNN article are in disbelief because they said someone with his image does not resemble a murderer’s profile. These must be the most uninformed people in the world.

Did they not hear about the Virginia Tech murders, or the Northern Illinois University shooting that happened about a week ago?

Just because someone is in college, it does not mean they cannot be a killer. Crazy people come in all shapes and sizes.

People need to stop putting college students on a platform like they are the top citizens of America.

Half of these students do the same bad things as people who are not in college For example, some students do drugs and are promiscuous. They are not the saints everyone thinks they are.

The next time a crime deals with a college student committing murder or being accused of it, the media should not make a shocking case to the community because of the student being in college.

Latasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.