Uphold true journalistic ideals

If a celebrity looks behind bushes, under a car or over a wall, it is highly likely they’ll see the paparazzi.

For decades, photographers have snapped shots of celebrities lying on the beach during lavish vacations and their wild antics after leaving the club.

In recent times, the same individuals that provide the public with candid shots of their favorite celebs have sent one straight to the nuthouse. Is the media taking its freedoms too far? – Maybe so.

Issues related to parental custody battles and alcoholism have plagued the life of pop star Britney Spears in recent months.

Four photographers were arrested after swarming Spears at a hair salon and a nightclub in Los Angeles, according to a Feb. 20 Associated Press article.

Photographers were repeatedly warned by police to disburse, however, they did not adhere to the authorities’ instructions.

Approximately 50 photographers were trying to get a piece of the popular Britney pie. There were charged for obstructing a public walkway and released with citations.

As journalists we are trained to seek out the story and to “break down” doors in order to get answers.

However, personal space, either belonging to a celebrity or a plain Jane, should be respected and adhered to – especially when involving a mentally unstable person like Spears.

More often than not that person will be pushed further than they can handle.

Respect is a two-way street. Morals and ethics are qualities everyone should possess.

Nyerere Davidson for the Editorial Board.