University entertaining, students not attending

There are relevant events taking place all across Tallahassee. In fact some of these events happen right here on campus. There is art, culture, food and fun, but there is one thing missing – FAMU students.

The FAMU Rattlers took the floor Monday for one of their many home games and failed to eek out an overtime victory over Coppin State University.

The Lady Rattlers didn’t fare much better as they extended their losing streak.

There were two different games, but they had one major thing in common – the home crowd attendance was as light as the led from a no.1 pencil.

The same can be said for the Student Government Association and Journey Magazine sponsored “Love Connection” event last week.

The event was enjoyable, but students were merely sprinkled on the front portion of seats in Lee Hall.

With all the planning and talent that are devoted to the many events that happen on campus, it’s important that the student body attend on a large scale to enjoy them. We all have hectic schedules, but in order for events like these to maintain their presence, support is needed.

Each student should make an effort to see the production of home by the FAMU Essential Theatre.

A premium should be placed on all college students to support our peers.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.