Still the one

After weeks of speculation, Dean Of Students Henry L. Kirby confirmed Sheerie Edwards still holds her post as Miss Florida A&M University.

The discussion concerning whether Edwards, 21, is eligible to maintain her title was held during the sixth session of the 37th Student Senate on Monday.

The Senate decided not to immediately make a motion to remove Edwards, a fourth-year pharmaceutical science student from Miami, from her position.

Controversy arose after Royal Court Adviser Danielle Kennedy-Lamar sent Edwards a letter Feb. 5 that said Edwards could not uphold the position of Miss FAMU because she was not a full-time student.

“You are no longer eligible to serve as Miss Florida A&M University,” the letter stated.

According to article eight, section two, Miss FAMU must be enrolled as a full-time student.

Edwards explained to the Senate her reason for not being qualified as a full-time student during fall 2007 was that she was out on medical leave.

If a student provides legitimate excuses such as death or medical emergencies for a leave during a semester, he or she must come before the Appeals Committee with proper documentation.

Edwards said she provided proper documents Dec. 1. The committee granted her an appeal Dec. 10 to defend her position.

“I was enrolled as a full-time student, but I dropped a class Dec. 10, the first day of finals,” Edwards said. “When Kennedy-Lamar checked my grades in spring semester, she felt as though I was ineligible to be Miss FAMU.”

Edwards said she is innocent of any wrongdoing.

“I was asked to resign, and I refuse to resign because resigning would be a sign of guilt and I’m not guilty of anything.”

Kirby attended the Senate meeting to further explain the process of dethronement and clear up any rumors.

“The dethroning process cannot move forward without a one-third vote of the student body membership from the royal court and the Senate,” Kirby said.

Kirby said he was not there to delegate.

“I’m not here to tell you how to vote,” Kirby said. “I’m only here to only bring this matter to attention.”

After reviewing evidence, the senate body decided to not to begin the dethroning process.

“I was Miss FAMU when elected, Miss FAMU tomorrow, and I will reign as Miss FAMU until the last of the semester,” Edwards said.

The Senate also confirmed John Williams as secretary of state for the remainder of the 2008 school year, Oswald Reid for deputy of community affairs and Jerry Brown and Kishia Ward for associate traffic justices.