Student PR firm unveils new look

PRodigy announced its new slogan, logo and company initiatives for the spring semester at its press conference Feb. 18 at 10 a.m.

PRodigy, is a Florida A&M University campus-based, student-run public relations firm. It was founded in the early 1990s and serves as an opportunity for public relations students to get experience by working on different marketing and strategic communication efforts for internal and external clients.

James Harden, the integrated marketing communications director for Prodigy, said it was a great day for the PRodigy associates because of the press conference.

“It is a chance for us to show our new look and brand for our company to introduce ourselves to the world,” said Harden, 23, a senior public relations student from Miami.

During the press conference, members of the PRodigy leadership team discussed their new slogan TABI, Touch A Bright Idea. The slogan represents what the company stands for.

Adviser Gina Kinchlow said she wants people to understand that the TABI slogan will make people notice PRodigy.

“We want people to see the logo and think of the student run PR firm at Florida A&M University,” Kinchlow said.

Not only was Kinchlow proud of the branding that was unveiled to the public, but she also she said the press conference was a historic event.

“Today is a historic mile marker for PRodigy,” she said. “After two years of hard work we finally have our own brand identity.”

Associates of PRodigy also said they are excited also about the launch of the new brand identity.

Ashley Brown, 23, a senior public relations student from Los Angeles, said she is pleased to be on the different accounts in PRodigy.

“By me being an associate to the company, I think it is a great experience to participate,” Brown said. “PRodigy positions itself with its new logo and slogan.”

Some of the recurring clients that PRodigy will be serving are the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication’s Student Documentary Night and the Florida Classic. PRodigy will continue to be tour guides for the campus.

With more then 60 student associates in the company, four standing committees, four new accounts and two repeat clients, PRodigy has an ambitious plan for the 2008 semester.

Some of the new accounts that PRodigy will be working with in 2008 is Safely Ride or Die, the Centers for Disease Control National Diabetes Education Program and FAMU President James Ammons’ inauguration.

Anna Taylor, PRodigy director of research and development, said she was pleased with the overall press conference.

“I think the press conference went well,” said Taylor, 22, a senior public relations student from Miami. “The community needs to know about the great things that are going on in the school of journalism.”

Taylor said she expects great things for the future of PRodigy.

“I think in the future PRodigy will be good,” she said. “The amount of talent within the company, and the growth potential of the company makes PRodigy unique within the Tallahassee area.”