Castro out, refugees in?

It’s been 50 long years of opposition from Cuba’s President Fidel Alejandro Castro.

Tuesday, he stepped down from his tyrannical rule because of an unannounced illness.

Several U.S. presidents have come and gone, all of which tried to overthrow Castro or put him out of commission. Well, it’s about time.

The funny thing is, Castro said he only stayed in power because he had such staunch opposition from the U.S. toward his presidency and administration.

This makes him seem like he’s the underdog, and true enough there are two sides to every story.

His proponents may agree that he’s done some good for the country and its economy.

Where Hillary Clinton failed in her attempt, Castro has succeeded in the establishment of universal health care and education systems.

We note that every dog has his day.

But for the most part, Castro’s rule has not always been so great.

In the land of socialism, untold numbers of Cubans have fled the country to settle in Miami during Castro’s reign.

Now that he has stepped down from the throne, is there a need for another surge of people migrating to South Florida?

Perhaps America will treat these Cubans like the Haitians who have tried unsuccessfully countless times to seek refuge in the Sunshine State. Only time will tell.

Mark Taylor II for the Editorial Board.