Students should always remember to give thanks

Perhaps this article is a week late.

The nation told us Thursday was the day to give thanks.

It was the day we were supposed to stop everything – work, school and such – travel home to be with our loved ones, and count our blessings.

If you don’t mind, we’ll do it today and every day hereafter.

Today, we at The Famuan would like to give thanks for all of our blessings.

Thanks to our professors for pouring their knowledge into us. And to the leadership of this university for the decisions they make everyday to better this institution.

Thanks to the alumni and donors who support Florida A&M University.

Thanks also to the higher power that woke us up and gave us good health.

Thanks for the royal blood that flows through our veins – the blood of ancestors who built pyramids and established the first university and dynasties. Cleopatra, Nzingha, Imhotep and yes, Nefertiti. Excavated and mined like black diamonds, sent to build an entire country. Thanks for the conquering spirits they bequeathed to us.

Yes, we at The Famuan are thankful today, despite senseless violence and any other obstacles that look insurmountable right now. As we move forward, we realize little problems we panic over usually aren’t that important, and the Creator kept us and provided through it all.

If you are thankful for the priceless gift of life, live it as only you can. And if you are thankful for the people in your life, tell them. Every chance you get.

Driadonna Roland for the Editorial Board.