Mayweather in ‘Control’ of first book signing

Students and teachers alike could be found in the FAMU bookstore Friday attending the official release of “Control or Be Controlled.” The author, Brashaad Mayweather, a senior from Maryland, was all smiles as he signed copies of his very first book.

“Control or Be Controlled” tackles some of the issues that athletes face such as finding the ideal agent. The book also includes fundamental information that athletes may be able to utilize while trying to land on professional teams.

“The book deals with the in and outs of sports,” said Mayweather, 22, a business administration student. “It can help athletes from the middle school level to the high school level to get them ready for the pros. It includes the things that athletes, parents and trainers don’t know – things to help you get to the next level.”

As Mayweather signed copies of his book, sitting by his side was Roscoe Hightower, a business professor who was instrumental in helping to launch the book. Mayweather took Hightower for Sports Marketing, a class in which the athlete was given a semester-long assignment to examine a sports entity and write a 25-page paper on it. Mayweather tossed the idea to his professor of marketing himself. Hightower said he was instantly fascinated.

“I was intrigued by it, and he went on and did it,” said Hightower. “Here we are a year later and he’s a professional athlete and has a book published. I am very, very proud of him. Everybody has benefited from it and continue to benefit from it.”

Together, they assembled a team of business students to market the book. Leading the team was Allison Gordon, 22, a senior from Colorado. Gordon said the experience was both fun and challenging.

“It was definitely more work than what I thought it would be,” she said.

Mayweather said he was inspired to write the book by some of the tribulations he went through in his life. Mayweather spent two years at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff where he was disappointed by how infrequently his skills were being utilized.

“I was being let down by individuals and being misled and looked over,” he said. “The book came from my personal experiences that I didn’t want others to go through.”

Mayweather said he put all of his energy into writing his book. While doing the book provided challenges, it also was a learning experience.

“The writing part was fun, but coming up with the funds was not,” Mayweather said. “I raised money partially through my other business and by just saving.”

As a result, his book is now available at not only the FAMU bookstore, but at Bill’s Bookstore, and his own personal Web site,

Mayweather said in the future he would like to expand his publishing company and bring more people on board. However, for now, he is sticking to football.

“Football helped me out with life,” Mayweather said. “I want readers to remember to take control and don’t be controlled no matter what.”