‘Lipstick Jungle’ another bland rip-off

Meet the newest “Sex and the City” knock off to hit the airwaves. Introducing “Lipstick Jungle,” NBC’s answer to fans who have been deprived of HBO’s original series.

The only problem is that ABC has already released a similar series with the exact same recipe in the form of a bland drama titled “Cashmere Mafia.”

In fact, both shows were created by the same people who helped transform “Sex and the City” into a cultural phenomenon.

Candace Bushnell, the woman who wrote the “Sex and the City” novel, is also the writer of “Lipstick Jungle.” She serves as the show’s executive producer, so naturally her new drama should be just as innovative as the HBO hit.

If only it were true.

“Lipstick Jungle” just does not seem to flow very well. In fact, it lacks the spunk, humor and provocative attitude that made “Sex and the City” a smash.

The series, just like “Cashmere Mafia,” follows the lives of a group of career-savvy women in New York. “Lipstick” centers on three friends as opposed to four.

They include movie executive Wendy Healy, played by the super gorgeous Brooke Shields.

Wendy dominates the corporate world but her husband feels pushed to the side.

Kim Raver stars as Nico Reilly, a magazine publisher cheating on her husband with a younger man.

This storyline is so ‘been there, done that’ and lacks the sophisticated intrigue that made a similar plot on “Desperate Housewives” ignite.

Lindsay Price completes the trio as Victory Ford, a fashion designer whose career is on the rocks after the New York Times trashes her new fall collection.

The storylines all come across as tasteless and dull.

It is a shame really because NBC launched a massive marketing campaign to lure viewers.

Despite the weak plots, the cast is fantastic.

Each of the leading ladies is equally beautiful and the supporting characters round out the cast nicely.

It’s just sad that the show as a whole is not as superb as its actors.

With the spring television lineup consisting mostly of reality shows and reruns, viewers may have no choice but to tune in to “Lipstick Jungle.” After all, it is one of the few shows that actually have new episodes.

It’s just sad those episodes aren’t interesting.

The show could be remedied. Maybe try and deviante from the powerful womanly triad. Add an element beyond scandal. Anything to step outside of the “Sex and the City” box.