Hit and run victim OK, driver caught

The driver in a hit and run accident that occurred Feb. 4 has been caught. Police arrested Ranford Senior, the driver of a Black Dodge Charger that struck Tallahassee Community College student Latanya Walcott on the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Osceola Street.

Florida A&M University Police Department released the name of both parties involved. Senior was released from Tallahassee Memorial Hospital with minor injuries. FAMU PD Chief Calvin Ross said Senior was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries without rendering aid.

Officers said Senior’s tag number, which was released in early reports, played a part in catching the suspect.

“Witnesses got the tag number and reported to our officers,” Chief Ross said.

Walcott said in the police report she noticed Senior was on a cell phone at the scene of the crime, and she didn’t know where he was turning or if he was going to slow down.

According to the report showed that Walcott was struck on her left leg.

“The driver got out of the vehicle and pulled me to the side of the road,” Walcott said in the report.

Walcott also said after she was placed on the side of the road, Senior said he was late for class and left the scene.

Senior gave his story in the report as well.

He said he made a left turn on Osceola Street and heard a bump. He then exited his vehicle and proceeded to place her on the sidewalk. Ross later said he was scared.

Ross said the situation could have been avoided had Walcott been more careful crossing the street.

“You have to be vigilant when crossing the street. Don’t assume the driver can see you,” Ross said. “Avoid being distracted, avoid talking on the cell phone, and most importantly, don’t leave the scene.”

Sgt. Norman Rollins of FAMU PD said the extent of Walcott’s injuries will be taken into account when determining Senior’s sentence.