Faceoff: ‘Flavor of Love’ sour?

Everyone knows what to expect when the infamous chant “Flavor Flav!” is heard. Viewers have been tuning in every season to witness the public Enemy hype man search for true love on the reality television show, “Flavor of Love.”

Flavor Flav is back for his third time around, and is more serious than ever about finding his companion.

Angela Pitts, also known as “Ms.Myammee,” is one of the women competing for Flav’s heart this season. She happens to also be a Florida A&M University graduate.

Even if the show is used as a stepping stone for greater opportunities,participating is an illogical choice.

The show may have high ratings, but it’s strictly for entertainment purposes.

The women on “The Flavor of Love” are usually loud, ghetto, drama queens who thrive on attention. Manipulative and demeaning personas are not qualities prospective employers look for.

To even be selected as a contestant for the show, women must make themselves stand out. Overt sexuality and negative traits seem to get a spot in Flavor Flav’s mansion.

Why would a college graduate want to portray that kind of image?

Getting away from stereotypes and destructive images placed on blacks should be the ultimate goal of FAMU students. Achieving a degree, and then becoming a participant on “The Flavor of Love” is like taking three steps forward and two steps backward.

Women are exploited on each episode of the show.

“The Flavor of Love” has a huge audience.

Even if a specific employer hasn’t watched the show first hand, he or she has probably heard of it.

At a job interview, what response do you give to, “Aren’t you the girl who got kicked off for fighting and stirring up chaos?”

If a person is serious about his or her career, appearing on reality television is not the route to travel.

For an aspiring video vixen, “The Flavor of Love” is a great opportunity. However, a graduate from the number one HBCU in the country is destined for more.

Skyy Sandifer is a sophomore magazine production student from Miami. She can be reached at skyysandifer@yahoo.com.