Black men need to release emotions sometimes

This season’s batch of Vh1’s “Celebreality” brought us “Flavor of Love” spin-off “I Love New York.” And actually… I do love this show, but a recent episode was a little scary. It also confirmed a theory I’ve had for awhile.

In an effort to determine which of the contestants vying for her love was the biggest potential earner, New York had them prepare resumes and portfolios, then enter a boardroom to be grilled about their financial status.

The drama started with Pootie, who had previously told New York he was a construction worker by day and “male servant” by night-whatever that means.

In this episode, he announced, “My financial status is, I’m broke.” The women in the boardroom erupted in laughter, which was apparently the catalyst for Pootie’s breakdown. They thought he was kidding until he explained that he had $3,000 in his pocket, $210 of which he spent to travel to the show.

He kept rambling until the women dismissed him from the boardroom.

After Pootie stormed out, he began to cry – loud sobs. Then he passed out.

Later we see Pootie trembling so badly, he can’t pick up a spoon. He finally agreed to leave the show and seek help.Whether Pootie was acting remains for debate. But the breakdown underscores a bigger problem.

My realm of research limits my findings to black men, but it seems that beneath their nonchalant facades, there’s a pool of volcanic activity.

The lava is latent, but a slight tectonic shift can cause a massive eruption.

In fact, men might be more sensitive than women.Ladies, if your boyfriend or brother goes off on you for something that seems small – it may not be because of what you did.

It may be what their bosses, coworkers, professors and everyone else said or did.

Your action was just the last straw – and you may have been the most convenient receptacle for his frustration. On the other hand, if a man tells you he has a bad temper, believe him!

Men, maybe you have an athlete’s mentality. Are terms like “walk it off” and “never let ’em see you sweat” part of your vocabulary?

Or have you been listening to the radio lately, with these women singing about wanting “soldiers” and “hood boys”? Black men, as averse as you all seem to be to monogamous relationships, wouldn’t you admit it’s nice to have a person to confide in? One person you can be yourself around?

When I interview people, they usually tell me initially that they don’t know what to say. But an hour later, I’m looking at pages of notes and wondering where the time went. This confirms my theory, fellas, that you really just want someone to listen to you.

As they say in church, “I don’t know who I’m talking to today,” but brothas, sometimes you should let it out!

Driadonna Roland is a junior broadcast journalism student from Detroit. She can be reached at