Accountability is the key

Come on Student Government Association.

It’s time to answer the question: Where is the money?

The University’s audit committee reported that it could account for every penny spent at FAMU. But our elected student representatives in Student Government Association, a microcosm of the University’s leadership community, cannot do the same.

We bet our senators can tell you everyone who made the last Greeklines.

In Wednesday’s edition of The Famuan, it was reported there are discrepancies over where the money went for homecoming event tickets purchased last year.

Where is the money?

While SGA is separate from the Office of Student Activities, our leaders should be knowledgeable of pertinent issues. Ask the question, “Do they have entry for the homecoming events while constituents were asked to pay $20?” Twenty dollars to sit in Gaither gym? Yes, the decision was rescinded and refunds were given, but we must hold leaders accountable.

Furthermore, during every senate meeting, it seems another angry group requests funding.

Everyone cannot be pleased, but consider this: Members of the “Marching 100” receive money for each performance, in addition to their scholarship awards. Yet SGA grants them more funding.

As your club scrambles for pennies and holds fundraisers to meet your needs, it’s time to ask SGA, “Where is the money?”

Driadonna Roland for the Editorial Board.