No guns: School board right in firing teacher

There is no tolerance for firearms on school grounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a faculty member.

One Polk County teacher had to find this out the hard way.

Phillip Bradley, 51, a truck mechanics teacher at the Ridge Career Center in Winter Haven, was fired earlier this week after a .9-mm handgun was found in his truck that was parked in the school lot last spring.

At first, officials recommended only a 90-day suspension, but that was unanimously overturned. The teacher was fired because the school board suggested a simple suspension would set a bad example for the students.

The teacher had a gun license, but there is no reason for him to bring it in the vicinity of children.

What if an angry student seeking to go on a shooting spree had found it? Who knows what might have happened?

Teachers are role models, and having a handgun on school property isn’t something to teach children.

Teachers and other administrators prohibit the use or possession of such firearms by students. So in return, how could a teacher be so hypocritical and do the opposite?

Guns are dangerous and can become an imminent threat if they fall into the wrong hands. In today’s society, there’s no telling who could have gotten their hands on the gun.

Firing this teacher was the right call.