Celebs deserve a break

For years, society has praised celebrities for their million-dollar talents and innocent trendsetting.

We buy their albums the moment it is released, wear the latest style from their newest clothing line and drive to the nearest AMC theatres just to watch them say a few lines from a script.

Believe it or not, we praise the work and talent of celebrities, but hardly ever do we think about the personal life of the artist as it reflects their work.

Pop singer, Amy Winehouse, who has recently made tabloids for being an alleged cocaine addict, was nominated and won five Grammy Awards for her “Back to Black” album. Her most popular hit single, “Rehab,” is an anthem against entering a treatment facility.

Listening to the chorus of the song in reference to her rumored recreational drug use, many would believe that her song is promoting drugs, all because the media portrays the artist as a cocaine addict.

According to a Stanford Online Report, there was a study released by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, stating that 98 per cent of movies and 27 per cent of songs had depictions of alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug use.

In the hit song “Rehab”, Amy Winehouse said, “I’m gonna, I’m gonna lose my baby. So I always keep a bottle near.” “I don’t ever wanna drink again. I just, ooh, I just need a friend.” So it is evident the song “Rehab” is defying treatment for alcohol usage.

Should the pop singer have been denied such a coveted award because she may be a negative role model? No, her art supersedes her. No one hindered Young Jeezy’s success as he used many metaphors referring to drugs in one way or another.

Well- known artists, Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole and Kelly Osbourne, are just a few of the many idols that have made headlines for their heavy addictions as they traveled in and out of rehabilitation facilities still creating hits for their target audience.

Amy Winehouse is no less of a role model than any other artist. Sometimes you have to look past everything exposed by the media, in order to appreciate the true art and talent of the artist.

As consumers, we tend to place celebrities on such a high pedestal that we forget they are still human.

Yes, we feel they must be more responsible being they are constantly in the media, but we cannot control the actions of these idols, nor can we blame them for the actions of others.

Individuals that you are in contact with on a daily basis are the true role models.