Students sell out for election freebies

Campaign week is fast approaching. But free pizza, candy and T-shirts should be the last thing on your mind.

Instead focus on which candidates will do the best job for the University’s student population.

As students, many of us don’t pay attention to the mission statement of the candidates, but we pay attention to who is the best looking and who gives away the best items.

If they give out soul food, they’ve already won the position of SGA president. This only hurts us in the end.

We complain about how boring the school is and speak unflatteringly about the people who are in charge, but in actuality we should be mad at ourselves.

We choose whom to vote for while barely knowing these candidates’ credentials, beyond what they claim these are.

In fall 2005, there were socials almost every week in the Grand Ballroom, what happened?

Running for the Royal Court should be much more than a beauty pageant. Yes, these people are the face of our school and we want them to make our school look good, but they also have to be the students’ voice.

The University should treat SGA elections like it’s a national race.

A great party should not be the reason a candidate is elected to his or her position

Some people running for positions just want it on their résumé. Why vote for the worst person and make them look good?

Latasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.