Senators set stricter rules for campaigning

Spring election candidates could be automatically disqualified if caught pre-campaigning. This was the news student senators announced Monday despite the protest of the electoral commissioner during the fifth session of the 37th Student Senate.

The Student Government Association operates elections under a point system, assessing demerits for various campaign procedure violations.

The opening statement of the point system document said acquiring 50 points is grounds for disqualification.

Before, pre-campaigning was worth 40 points, now it garners 50 points.

Senate President Mellori Lumpkin said two weeks ago, the senate agreed to change the point system to make pre-campaigning a more serious infraction.

“The senate wanted more points for pre-campaigning because it could affect the outcome of the election,” Lumpkin said.

But Electoral Commissioner Marva Butler submitted a memo asking that the 2008 point system stay the same as previous years, with 40 points as the punishment for pre-campaigning.

Sen. Nadiyah Knight then made a motion to accept Butler’s proposed changes.

Three senators were in favor of the motion, and 22 were against it. The motion died.

Also in the senate meeting, a motion made by senator Joyia Smith was to approve $11, 898.75 for the Electoral Commission.

The motion was approved with a 24-2 vote.

Sen. Calvin Hayes made a motion to accept the amendment of the succession of Mr. and Miss FAMU.

The amendment states that if Mr. or Miss FAMU, for any reason, become unable to serve, he/she shall notify the electoral commission. The first runner up in the spring elections proceeding the reign of Mr. and Miss FAMU shall fill the vacancy.

The motion was passed with a 29-0 vote.

The confirmation session of the meeting introduced Lynada Peeples as chief of staff and Christina Jackson as deputy attorney general.

Jackson applied for the deputy attorney general last meeting but was denied confirmation with 11 voting for, 11 against and 2 abstained.

This time around, Jackson was granted the position with 26 voting for her confirmation and zero against.

Peeples was confirmed with a unanimous vote of 27.

“I’m happy I got confirmed,” Peeples said.

As chief of staff, Peeples will serve as the adviser to the senate president and coordinate the departments within the executive branch.

Instructor Jorge H. Olaves gave a Powerpoint presentation at the senate meeting, displaying the condition of the swimming pool. He asked for funds to repair the damages. Olaves said the pool was closed because no lifeguards are on duty. Twelve lifeguards are required between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Emergency money has been requested to cover the costs of lifeguards and necessary repairs.

Close to the end of the meeting, Sen. Sammy Lamy made a final motion. Lamy’s request was a last attempt to allow Butler to speak. The motion failed with 13 voting for it, 14 against and one abstained.