Don’t need a mate to show love

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a holiday dedicated to love, passion and romance. For people finding themselves single on Feb. 14 or nursing a broken heart back to health, Valentine’s Day can be a holiday full of sadness.

Even with this said, there are ways to turn this well-known holiday into a wonderful event.

Having a partner for Valentine’s Day would be the icing on the cake, but if that is not going to happen, one can dedicate this day to spreading love to family, friends and the community.

A fun Valentine’s Day with family and friends may consist of cooking together, delivering candy and even creating holiday cards.

By simply making Valentine’s Day cookies and taking them to a shelter or passing them out to homeless people on the streets, love will surely fill your heart as well as the hearts of the people you are helping.

Valentine’s Day is about more than just getting or buying roses for your significant other, going out on a candlelight dinner and purchasing expensive gifts to show your love.

It is about sharing the love you have in your heart with others to the best of your ability.

Hearing about the romantic things couples have arranged for each other may persuade people to want the same.

But love will happen when it’s supposed to. Until then, we should spread love the best way we know how.

Angelica Roberts for the Editorial Board.