Political dirt slinging out, real issues in

Politics – it’s the framework and foundation of America – governs our society in most every aspect. Whether it be monitoring overseas violence or gauging the price of groceries. Politics is entrenched in our everyday lives.

Every four years, U.S. citizens vote on who will be the new leader of our political system. And like deja vu, the race gets ridiculously messy. Presidential candidates have been exchanging barbs on the campaign trail for months now and it is time real issues come into play and the biting criticisms end.

It is a poor political tactic to undercut your opponent’s ideals simply to champion your own. That means Hilary there was no need to dismiss Barack Obama’s theories as empty dreams. And Mitt the comments in regard to your opponent’s lack of experience as CEO were over the top.

Instead of onstage bickering about your opponent’s plans, I want to hear about how each candidate plans to mend our economy’s lacerations and outline an effective exit strategy for Iraq.

Frankly, the candidate’s congressional voting history is not as important as to how they plan to lead. It’s no secret that many of the bills that are passed are often perused and rarely read in the halls of Capitol Hill. And often time the laws that are passed are largely influenced by lobbyists and special interest groups. So the votes don’t matter as much as the plan to make the country better.

Akeem Anderson for the editorial board.