Faceoff: Should men be able to cry?

OK, so it’s true. Despite what most people think men do cry.

However, along with those salt drops comes a mandate.

While there is nothing wrong with crying, when it comes to men, the frequency and reasoning behind the tears are the two factors that matter most.

Society levies a heavy burden of holding back tears in a display of ultimate manhood. Ridiculous? Yes. Unfair? Even more so. But more than anything it’s a reality that everyobe should embrace.

The makeup of a man’s psyche is significantly different than that of a woman’s.

Most women are inherently nurturing, a trait spurred by emotions that are more accessible.

Men, however, are intrinsically cerebral. So the manner in which his emotions manifest themselves is different.

These two fundamental polar mindsets are what control the tear ducts.

Society plays a secondary role in the development of the “anti-cry” debate.

For men tears are permissible with rarity. Most times those tears are reserved for life-changing events like funerals and championships.

Some would argue for crying after heartbreak, but even that should be confined to a once in a lifetime sob.

The radius that allows women to cry is much broader. Tears could be stirred by harsh words or a bad week.

That doesn’t make either gender weaker than the other. Simply different.

Those differences are what lend to life’s balance. If men allowed themselves to be overwhelmed emotionally, at what point would calm logic rear its useful head?

And if women didn’t allow themselves to respond to their emotional inclinations, who would be there to nurture the hardened edge of the male reasoning? If those tearful roles are transposed we stand to distort gender roles.

When young men are raised, they are often taught not to cry. That sentiment is not completely correct.

Young men are developing a sense of manhood that often won’t come for years. But when they do cry, it should be instilled that tears should be the last resort to personal comfort.

A man has to quickly subdue the need to make himself feel better and find a solution to the problem that caused his tear ducts to swell.

He needs to understand not that it’s wrong to cry, but that it can hinder the astute decision-making process.

Because of that often times men will have to “suck it up.”

Some people may dismiss this notion as chauvinistic and aged, but the reality of life is that men aren’t supposed to cry for the same reasons or with the same frequency as a woman.

To cry or not to cry? That is the question. And the answer is simple. Tears are OK, but just be careful how and when they fall.

Akeem Anderson in a junior newspaper journalism student from Chicago. He can be reached at thefamuaneditor@hotmail.com.