Communication makes graduation process easier

It’s that time of year again. Florida A&M University students will prepare to stroll across the Leon County Civic Center stage on April 27 and receive a degree from their respective schools.

Well, that’s the plan – maybe?

Because of insufficient communication from the University, many students were unaware of the University-wide commencement fair held last week in the FAMU Bookstore.

Herff Jones, a producer of motivational awards and programs for education, sent representatives to make the graduation item ordering process a little easier.

The representatives brought something else – discounts. Students were able to receive exclusive discounts on cap, gown and announcement packages.

Those students, who can barely afford the recently jacked up tuition costs, would have benefited greatly from the pocket-lightening bargains.

Although it is suggested that orders are to be placed no later than March 7, there are many students unclear and unsure of the commencement process. Communication is key. Although students are all adults and are responsible for taking care of their commencement duties, it’s still the job of FAMU to inform and guide students to the graduation stage.

Whoever’s responsibility it is – the registrar’s office or President James Ammons – someone on “The Hill” needs to let us know what the 4-1-1 is on spring graduation.

From inconsistencies with the academic calendar to lackluster communicative skills, we expect more consideration from a university that already has many strikes against it.

Let’s get it together FAMU.

Nyerere Davidson for the Editorial Board.