Track teams heighten momentum for MEAC

The FAMU men’s and women’s track teams are preparing themselves for the upcoming MEAC Indoor Championships.

Although the women’s season has not gone as well as they expected it to, they said the indoor championships are a way to get back on track for the rest of the year.

Coach Maicel Malone said her team has had to learn a lot over the course of the season because over half of them are freshmen. As for right now, the team is focusing largely on its techniques so it can execute.

Jeanna Dorcelin, 22, a senior public relations student from West Palm Beach, said the women’s track team is using its shaky season as inspiration. 

“When we come back to practice after a meet we really push ourselves,” she said. “All of us have to improve, and at our final indoor meet of the season we hope to do what is expected of us.”

As a veteran runner, Dorcelin knows how crucial it is to prepare for races.  She said it is important to be prepared in all aspects of the sport.

“Track is a mental sport,” she said. “You could be prepared physically but still do bad because you are not prepared mentally, so I am preparing myself mentally for the MEAC championships.”

The Lady Rattlers are strong in sprints and mid-distance races and said they have a really good shot of not only making it to the finals, but also winning. 

Malone said a good finish will let everyone know to look out for the Lady Rattlers when it comes to the outdoor season.

 The men’s track team has done fairly well this season. They are in the top five of all MEAC teams. They expect to do well in the MEAC indoor championship meet.

Coach Rey Robinson said the men’s track team has done well so far, but he is not going to count any of the other teams out. 

“Everyone is our biggest competition,” Robinson said. “Norfolk State University is the reigning champ, but every team is competition at the MEAC championships.”

Robinson said the team has been preparing for this moment all season by competing against quality teams like the University of Florida, Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina.   

Because there are not a lot of opportunities to run indoors in Florida, Robinson said the team has to focus on its strong points at the meet. 

Team members said the MEAC will be a good challenge for the young team and set the tone for the future.  Arthur Kinder II, 18, a freshman criminal justice student from Pompano Beach, said it is essential for his team to do well in the championships. 

“It is very important we do well because as a whole our team is young, and if we do well this early in the season it is good for the future,” he said.

Along with the satisfaction of victory, the MEAC championship will also be momentum for transitioning into the outdoor season. 

Robinson said being in conference champions is what it’s all about. 

“This is the peak of the season,” he said. “It doesn’t get any further than this.”

The indoor MEAC will be Feb. 15-16 in Landover, Md.