Some professors not the best at teaching

Ideally, students enroll in college hoping to learn what their majors have to offer. The funny thing is students don’t always get what they “bargain” for when they pay for their education.

We expect to learn and we expect professors to teach. This doesn’t include telling a student to read a book and execute what they learned without any type of discussion or review.

If students could do this, we wouldn’t need professors. We could just as easily educate ourselves at a library.

If nearly everyone is failing tests or not grasping what’s being taught, that should be a strong indicator for a professor. This means they need to revamp lesson plans and get feedback.

Students are sometimes given surveys to evaluate a professor’s performance. Unfortunately, these mundane surveys don’t allow students to give in-depth explainations.

Perhaps that’s why many turn to the Web site

This is not to say that all FAMU professors, or even most, operate in this manner. There are some who take the time to ensure that students understand their lessons before moving on to the next one.

Fellow students, we encourage you to demand that professors teach you – not throw work at you and expect you to know it. Remember, professors are here because you pay for them to be here.

Mark Taylor II for the Editorial Board.