Q&A with R&B sensation Sammy

Famuan: What brings you to FAMU?

Sammie: “Today I’m here for the music forum, to answer questions about I guess anything pertaining to my career or even the music industry. “

Famuan: What are you currently working on?

Sammie: “I’m working on my third album, which will drop in the fall. I’m working on my single, which will drop this summer. It’s going be a more mature sound.”

Famuan: How has your FAMU experience been thus far?

Sammie: “I’m very familiar with FAM. I have a lot of friends here being that I’m from Florida. I was interested in attending after graduating high school, but obviously I chose to do a music career. But FAM was definitely one of my choices. I love FAM.”

Famuan: What made you decide to take part in this music conference?

Sammie:”Like I said I feel close to FAM in a sense. Its kind of important for me to educate people in the same age bracket as me about the industry to the best of my ability.”

Famuan: What are your plans for after the conference? Are you going to the conference after party at The Edge?

Sammie: “Whatever’s popping, I’m there.”

Famuan: Would you like to tell the students here at FAMU anything?

Sammie: “I appreciate the love and support…if you want to check me out look me up on myspace.com/sammieforever or myspace.com/empireentertain1.”

Compiled by Angelica Roberts