Students to strike a note with music execs

Aspiring student artists will have a chance to display their talent at The Black College Music Conference, which is hosted by the Florida Affiliate Music Group and Endustry Power Players.

The conference is set to begin in Lee Hall Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

Up and coming music artists are set to perform in front of well-established music executives, as well as other artists from labels such as Sony BMG, Def Jam and Trill Entertainment.

Although the conference gives music artists a chance to showcase their music, the goal of the conference extends beyond the stage.

One of the event’s coordinators, Nora Dixon, said the main purpose of the conference is to educate.

“The music conference is meant to educate students and inform them about the other behind- the-scenes careers within the music industry, the jobs and careers people often don’t know about and overlook,” said the freshman business student from Fort Lauderdale.

Students will have a chance to meet the music executives at 2 p.m.

Ryan Jackson, 18, a freshman business administration student from Atlanta, said he is looking forward to meeting some of the industry’s top executives.

“I like the concept of the meet and greet, and I’m going to see what it’s about,” Jackson said. “I’ve always wanted a job in the music industry, but I’m not a rapper or singer. This is a good chance for me to see what else there is to do.”

Individuals who are also scheduled to be in attendance at the conference include Barry Kaye, general manager of Cumulus Media Tallahassee, disc jockeys Joe Bullard and Greg Mills from WHBX-FM 96.1 Jamz and L Boogie from WWLD-FM Blazin’ 102.3.

Deidra Fields, director of the Black Music Conference, said the conference is divided into three parts.

“First is the Next to Blow up Competition, where local artists will compete against each other with hopes of winning the title,” said Fields, 19, a business administration student from Tallahassee. “Then we are having a panel discussion, followed by surprise performances at the end.”

Fields said the conference’s goal is to inform people about the inner workings of the music business.

“Our goal is to educate people about getting into the industry because a lot of people are lost about what to do,” Fields said. “We overlook people who want to be behind the scenes.”

Later that night, an after-party will be thrown by RRR Entertainment at The Edge night club. The after party will be hosted by Jay Blaze, DJ Dap, Dee-Dee Roc, Byron J, DJ Dawkness and DJ Ghost.

“The same people at the conference will be at the after party,” Fields said. “It’s that Thursday and many people don’t have classes Friday, so we encourage people to come out.”