‘Shop til you drop’ becomes real

Violence today is soaring to new heights. Shopping is no longer safe, and the mall is no longer a haven.

The shopping center is a place where the young and old at heart meet under one roof. For many it is a place for exercise, shopping, window-shopping or leisure.

According to CNN, five women were killed in a Tinley Park, Chicago Lane Bryant store. The shooter hasn’t been identified.

Chicago police don’t have any specifics on the case, except the fact that the suspect is a 5-foot-9 black male.

This vicious and unnecessary action took the lives of a nurse, a social worker, a real estate agent, a paralegal and the manager of the store.

As much time as Americans spend in shopping malls, it never crosses one’s mind that today’s day of shopping just might be their last.

The victims, Jennifer Bishop, Carrie Chiuso, Rhoda McFarland, Sarah T. Szafranski and Connie Woolfolk did not deserve this.

Our condolences go out to the families and friends of these victims.

Why didn’t anyone see the shooter? Must we always assume we are in harm’s way?

There are so many questions, but no real and definite answers. We only know that malls and shopping centers are no longer secure.

People now have to look over their shoulders as if they were walking down a dark alley. It’s sad that when you are merely shopping for a shirt, bullets may take you out.

Priscilla Blow for the Editorial Board.