Health tops beauty queen’s agenda

Ms. Black Florida Eunice Nuekie Cofie, an alumna of Florida &M University, brought her passion for students to the Leroy Collins main library Tuesday. As part of her platform, Cofie said she wanted to motivate high school students to succeed in life.

Her discussion centered on the issues of dietary and sexual health.

Maria Mena, the head of Youth Services, said the library was interested in having people from the black community come and speak on different issues.

She said the library’s goal is to find a more positive way for children to spend their time while they are in the library versus “chatting and frolicking” on MySpace.

“One of the roles of the library is to be a community building center, because it allows teens to be exposed to different forms of learning,” Mena said.

At the event, Coffie spoke about her experience working in Ghana with people who have HIV or AIDS.

Kasha Vason, 16, a student from Escambia Bay Marine Institute in Pensacola, said Cofie’s words encouraged her to be more responsible when it comes to protecting herself against HIV and AIDS.

“It’s good to be safe at all times when you’re doing anything,” Vason said.

Because Cofie’s platform is centered around preventing childhood obesity and diabetes through education and life-transforming habits, she said she had a need to travel and encourage students.

“I feel the need for guidance,” Cofie said. “I try to use my platform to be the role model.”

During the event, worksheets were provided to encourage students to set goals in different areas.

“It helps you with direction. It helps you to remain focused,” Cofie said. “If you’re focused on your goals then things will fall into place.”

Cofie also made time to ensure that some encouraging words were brought back to “the highest of seven hills.”

She said people, as well as FAMU students, should appreciate one another.

“Beyond all the diamonds and the gold the greatest resources is the human resource, and once we realize it, we will be able to value one another and ourselves,” she said.