Budget cuts cannot deter Rattler loyalty

Despite recent state budget cuts and the fluctuation in our economy, it’s important for Florida A&M University students to stay loyal to this great University.

Friday, President James Ammons announced the University will have major cutbacks, including a decrease in summer school classes. This may devastate many FAMU hopefuls planning to graduate during the summer.

Ammons also announced that faculty and staff members will have to be laid off, resulting in larger class sizes.

Many people are not here anymore because of the turmoil concerning the future of the University. But through it all, most Rattlers remain faithful.

There is something about FAMU that makes us stay put.

Many former students have fled to Florida State University for a more ‘stable’ foundation.

Some even pursued educational alternatives back in their hometowns. Then there are those of us who believe in FAMU and will stay hopeful despite the recent tribulations encircling our great institution.

After years of drama and speculation about our University’s integrity, a few of us students have decided to stay put until our graduation. Cutbacks, drawbacks and several other setbacks will not determine our institution’s value of excellence.

Candice Montgomery for the Editorial Board.