Super Bowl Faceoff: The Patriots will take it all

America may be suffering from an epidemic. Every January, around this time, the same thing happens. The weather gets colder and people begin to change.

No, I’m not referring to the flu. I’m talking about the Super Bowl, and the symptoms are always the same each year. Sports fans become energized, people start taking time off from work, and two NFL teams gear up for a showdown.

Super Bowl XLII takes place this Sunday, and this year it’s the N.Y Giants against the New England Patriots. Who’ll win? Do you really have to ask?

I think it’s a safe bet to put my money on the New England Patriots. I’ve never been a big sports enthusiast, however since becoming the sports editor of The Famuan, I’ve become an NFL fanatic and I have learned a great deal.

I have also done my homework.

Competing in their fourth Super Bowl since 2001, the Patriots have had an undefeated season, which is obviously why they should – and will – win the game.

The Patriots have won every single match during their 2007 season, which in my belief should make them quite a threat. Even if they were to lose the Super Bowl, it wouldn’t be considered a disappointment.

The team has acquired new players and has also set new records. Led by skilled quarterback Tom Brady, the team went into the season with high expectations.

Joining the Patriots was wide receiver Randy Moss, a former Oakland Raiders player, who contributed with 23 touchdowns.

The funny thing is Moss had the worst season of his career with the Raiders before joining the Patriots. Since then, his luck has changed.

In a recent ESPN report, I learned that he also managed to catch 98 receptions, which is something to brag about.

As far as Brady is concerned, he began the season with a 12-2 playoff record, second best in NFL history.

I believe the Patriots definitely has the aptitude and the skill to win the Super Bowl. Come Sunday, I won’t be surprised when they do.