Educating populace always a good move

Florida held its 2008 election primaries Tuesday, and countless Florida A&M University students exercised their right to cast their ballots with the help of great campus-wide initiatives like the Strike the Vote project.

The idea of a project meant to encourage students to take part in an election is commendable. Strike the Vote was a creative way for students to reach out to their fellow Rattlers and offer information about the 2008 elections.

From the opening of the polls at 7 a.m. until the closing at 7 p.m., Strike the Vote volunteers stood outside the precinct encouraging students to vote.

Voting brochures and other sources of information were passed out, and volunteers also registered students to vote.

Although some of these students weren’t able to vote on the day of the primaries, but they will be able to, with help, make a difference by voting in the November election.

According to Vincent Evans, 19, one of the initiators of Strike the Vote, 350 students registered to vote over the past two weeks. Members of Strike the Vote even sat on The Set with a big screen television broadcasting the primary results from CNN. Evans, a sophomore political science from Jacksonville, said this was the first time SGA had done this.

It is important that students take on leading roles like the initiators of Strike the Vote did because it brings awareness to students.

Angelica Roberts for the Editorial Board.