University deserves objective scrutiny

Recently, the Tampa Tribune published an article that claimed Florida A&M University, under FAMU’s President James Ammons, is going back to its old ways of cronyism.

Ammons’ leadership team has phenomenal qualifications and has proven its ability to perform their assigned jobs.

As far as cronyism is concerned, it’s not happening at FAMU – in all actuality, his choices have helped the University continue its accreditation in December, when many expected FAMU to fail.

It’s rare that someone off the street who simply fills out an application will get hired. And although it’s an unrelated issue, the article claims that our “academic standing” has plummeted.

This is especially important because news mediums, like the Tampa Tribune, would have you believe that our institution’s academic quality is substandard – despite the fact that findings from SACS focused on financial issues.

The Tribune would also have you believe that it’s okay to write a non-objective and opinionated story in the news section of a paper.

Furthermore, Bill Tucker, former head of the FAMU’s faculty union was their primary source for the article.

The Famuan encourages its readers to exercise their ability to read objectively. Sometimes news outlets fail to uphold journalism ethics and standards – just make sure you are aware when they do not.

Mark Taylor II for the Editorial Board.