Media: Focus on real news

Turn your dial to CNN. You hear a report on another celebrity’s personal issues, so you change the dial, once again, to MSNBC.

Gosh! It seems that you can’t escape the madness and the not-so-important news broadcasts.

Hearing about pop-star Britney Spears’ continuous mental battles and custody bouts with K. Fed has become a little tiresome. Aren’t there bigger things going on in our country and the world – rather than catching up on the lifestyles of the rich and famous?

Think back to the death of Anna Nicole Smith. The status of her newborn daughter and reasons behind her drug overdose took over the airwaves like wildfire in California.

There’s no excuse for Spears to be the feature or “Breaking News” story on CNN Headline News. What is America coming to? Have we forgotten the value of news and the influence it has on viewers?

I look to Entertainment Tonight for entertainment news – not CNN. We would hate to hear about Amy Winehouse’s drug abuse and wild escapades for another week.

Isn’t there still a war going on in Iraq? Isn’t there a U.S. primary election race also happening?

We hope major news media will have an awakening some time very soon. Here’s a solution: tune into Wendy Williams’ show to catch the nation’s most impacting news stories. We’re better off doing so.

Nyerere Davidson for the Editorial Board.