Mating habits devolving

I want to pose a question to the young ladies of Florida A&M University: do you remember the last time a guy referred to you as something other then “shawty”, “ma” or “girl” as he yelled out to you from across the mall? Or how about the last time a guy opened the car door for you as you embarked on your first date together?

It seems as though gentlemen tendencies in the males of our generation have gone the same route as VCRs and cassette players (i.e. out the window). Sadly, the act of true romance is a dying art form.

This realization came to me as I began my 5 p.m. drive home from campus last week. As I began my voyage down Wahnish Way, I got stuck behind a car of young men as they slowly crept down the street to peer and gawk at a young lady who was walking along the sidewalk to get to her car.

The young lady wasn’t wearing anything scandalous or presenting herself in a way that begs attention; in fact she was bundled up in a peacoat and jeans to keep warm.

Being a graduating senior this semester, my free time basically consists of about five glorious minutes every day; so needless to say I was annoyed these guys were holding me up just to make an immature pass at a young lady who clearly had no desire to be bothered. But what happened next really blew my mind.

The young man in the passenger seat opened his door, while the car was moving at a painfully slow 3-miles per hour, and began to repeatedly shout, “Hey shawty let me get your number!” Thankfully the young lady turned her head and ignored the childish attempt at her attention, but this act really got under my skin.

The only thing I could think during the debacle was, “Not only are you being discourteous by holding up traffic for the rest of us, but the first impression you’re giving of yourself to this young lady is an image of you hanging out the side of your car as you gawk at her like she’s a zoo animal!”

What happened to acts of chivalry and politeness? Don’t these young men realize how painfully silly they look and sound?

I would never classify all males as Neanderthals there are still guys out there that approach women with respect.

The worst part isn’t that many of today’s young men are discourteous to women, but rather the fact that certain women out there actually fall for some of that stuff.

I mean seriously ladies come on! You can’t be that starved for attention that you feel a guy yelling, “Hey ma, you look good in those jeans” from across the mall food court is good.

I fear for the next generation of young women because they’re going to become so accustomed to sexist and underserved “admiration” from men.

Mike McLafferty is a senior magazine production student from Port Charlotte. He can be reached at