What about the real issues?

After watching Monday’s Democratic debate in South Carolina, we were left confused.

Senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama had a heated exchange of words about their political practices.

Obama argued that Clinton’s husband was too involved in her campaign, while Clinton claimed that Obama hasn’t been a good leader in the past.

Our question is, why are these two candidates arguing over past allegations instead of addressing the answers to important questions about issues that lie ahead of us?

Do we really want a president who spends time trying to defend himself or herself in a word war, or do we want someone who spends an adequate amount of time discussing important topics like the war in Iraq and our inefficient healthcare system?

Democratic candidates such as Obama and Clinton need to listen to the urgent issues concerning the people.

They should listen to Sen. John McCain who said this election is not about the candidates’ personal lives or what they did in the past.

The South Carolina debate will leave many Democratic hopefuls wondering if Obama or Clinton can be mature enough to run the country.

Actions speak louder than words, and until we see them act on their promises, it may be hard to distinguish the best candidate for the job.

Candice Montgomery for the Editorial Board.