Exercise your power to choose, vote now

The heat is on. The Florida Primary is right around the corner.

American citizens are looking to see which presidential campaign will be successful in Florida. Many candidates have invested all their energies in hopes of a victory in the Florida primary.

In order to participate in the primary, voters must be a registered Democrat or Republican. According to http://www.fladems.com, statements that Democratic votes in this primary may not count have left voters unsure on whether to cast votes.

This stems from the fact that Florida was stripped of its delegates due to a new law moving the state’s March primary to Jan. 29 and defied Democratic National Committee rules. Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina were exempt.

Still, it’s wise for Floridians to vote because it voices our opinion on which candidate we believe to be the leader of tomorrow. The delegates may just change their minds and count the Democratic votes at a later date.

Florida will be under the microscope again, and the only way someone can say we don’t count is if we don’t vote. So bring your IDs and voter registration cards to vote at a local precinct.

For more information on casting your vote, visit the supervisor of elections office at 315 South Calhoun St.

We need to take time out of our busy schedules to make history.

Priscilla Blow for the Editorial Board.