“Mad Money”: Movie worth the green

When three diverse women team up to rob a federal bank, everyone knows something is bound to terribly go wrong. “Mad Money” is a suspenseful comedy that will take the viewer on a roller coaster ride.

From the stressful situations to the good things that happen to each of the characters in the movie, no viewer will want to fall asleep.

The main character, Bridget Cardigan, played by Diane Keaton, is the center of attention in the movie when she figures out that she is about to lose her home. She then teams up with Queen Latifah and Katie Holmes to try to raise money to keep her home.

There is a turning point in the movie when one of the characters makes a mistake and gets the federal government involved.

Each of the characters in the movie has a unique personality that can make a viewer fall in love. The actresses also do a good job making the audience believe in their characters’ personalities.

Katie Holmes is the trailer park sweetheart, which is entirely different from her previous roles in movies and on television.

Queen Latifah plays the average black person’s character, the single mother living in the inner city. Bridget Cardigan plays the average wealthy white woman.

Even though the movie plays on the same stereotypes, it is not offensive because each of the characters is likeable.

The movie has tons of laughable scenes throughout that are circled mostly around Diane Keaton and her husband, played by Ted Danson.

Queen Latifah’s character is constantly teased about her personal life, which is hilarious.

With romance, comedy and suspense, no one can go wrong watching “Mad Money.”