Giants victory? It’s a toss up

The teams playing in Super Bowl XLII are officially set. This year it is the 18-0 New England Patriots vs. the 13-6 New York Giants.

While many believed the Pats would be in Glendale, Ariz., on Feb. 3 vying for a national championship after bullying opponents all season long, not too many felt the same about the Giants.

However, two weeks from this past Sunday, one of the nation’s highest revenue-producing games will feature a Giants team that has won its last 10 road games versus a team that has had nothing in the loss column for quite some time.

Who knew that after all the turmoil that consumed the Giants at the beginning of the season this team would be playing for a national title?

It is a surprise to many football fans that the Giants made it this far. When you look back at it, the season wasn’t that good. It started off typically for New Yorkers. Former running back Tiki Barber criticized head coach Tom Coughlin’s coaching ability.

He also criticized quarterback Eli Manning’s boyish appearance and wavering play-calling/leadership ability.

Although they have yet to be defeated, the Patriots have had their numerous woes this season as well.

From being accused of allegedly cheating in a Week 1 victory over the Jets with the whole “Spygate” deal, to the latest ramifications surrounding all-star receiver Randy Moss, the Pats have steadily proven to be a team that feeds off of negativity.

This has been a team that has truly come out Sunday after Sunday ready to play and seems to do a terrific job blocking out all the distractions that may have occurred during the week.

As these two teams prepare to meet for the second time this year, and only the third time since 2001 on football’s biggest stage, this game is sure to be a great contest.

Although the Pats earned a 38-35 victory in a meaningless last game of the regular season for both of these teams in Week 17 and are favored to win by 14 ½ points in the Super Bowl, the Giants, as they have done throughout the playoffs, refuse to listen to the doubters.

As Giants all-star receiver Plaxico Burress alluded to, after a 23-20 overtime defeat of the Packers on Sunday, the stats already say the Pats are going to win.

The media already said the Pats are going to win. However, the way the Giants have been playing as of late, I believe anything is possible.

18-0 or 13-6 doesn’t matter at this point to be declared national champion.

I believe a team only has to win one game – the Super Bowl.

With a much improved Manning versus the same old Brady and the ice-cold temperatures not being a factor, the third time could be a charm for the Giants.

I can’t wait.