“First Sunday”: Usual suspects, usual end

No one knew that robbing a church could be so difficult, especially when the church members have problems of their own to tackle. “First Sunday” is a movie that starts off slow in comedy but then accelerates into it.

Ice Cube plays the lead character with a background of criminal behavior. He is on a mission to get money to keep his son from moving to Atlanta. The problem is, he has to steal the money from a church.

Tracy Morgan’s character is not played well at all. His character is the predictable sidekick who’s supposed to be unintelligent and funny. The only thing about the predictions that are not true is Morgan being funny. Throughout the movie they are guest appearances by comedians such as Katt Williams and Ricky Smiley.

Ricky Smiley, appearing in character as an old woman, immediately draws the audience into his jokes.

“New York” from the VH1 show “I Love New York” even has a guest appearance in the movie.

Williams is the funniest person in the movie.

He is the perm-wearing choir director who dresses in bright-colored suits similar to a pimp.

The movie would be much better if certain scenes in the movie were thought out more clearly.

With a cast of good actors and comedians, the movie should have been better.

Malinda Williams, who played in the “Soul Food” television series, is the heartthrob female in the movie.

Some scenes might cause a few tears because of powerful speakers such as Loretta Divine and Ice Cube, but the overall quality of the movie is in the middle.

The movie is not extraordinary because the scenes are predictable.

With less anecdotal attempts at laughs and more of a focus on a frewsh plot, the film could have succeeded in avoiding typical comedy movie pitfalls.

The production did inspire a few chuckles, but overall proved to be a dissapointment.