Everyone must try to live the dream

Forty years after his death and 45 years after his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr. “dream” still hasn’t fully become a reality.

We as blacks in America still have to overcome the criticisms of Don Imus, the outbursts of Michael Richards and the jokes of “lynching” Tiger Woods. Sometimes blacks don’t help the situation.

There are those like O.J. Simpson, who can’t stay out of trouble, and Pacman Jones, who doesn’t deserve to ever play football again. In addition to them, a few others faithfully help to discredit our race.

The “dream” of togetherness and support has yet to come full circle. Blacks and whites are still fighting and tearing down each another, and blacks still continue to fight among our own race by killing and tearing down one another.

Hundreds of citizens gathered in our community on Monday to share their views about King’s legacy and where his dream still falls short.

The main concern was the future of today’s young black men and the ongoing segregation that still looms in the school system.

If black people don’t continue to fight for what King started years ago then we will continue to fall by the waste side.

We have to realize that we can utilize our power and that our words have great meaning

We all say we envision the same “dream” that King dreamt. If we don’t continue to fight for justice and our own rights then racial liberation will never be attained.

Dexter Johnson for the Editorial Board.