Safeguard University’s future

Many students steer toward Florida A&M University because of its academic excellence.

Yet the University has been admitting students who don’t meet required test scores or minimum grade point averages. Should this be cause for alarm?

On the University Web site,, an area is set up for prospective students to see the requirements needed to attend FAMU. We don’t understand the reason behind posting the requirements if we don’t admit students based on the criteria.

James Hawkins, dean of the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, said the University has mechanisms for admitting students who don’t meet regular admission requirements.

“Those students who don’t meet the regular requirements are usually placed in the school of general studies,” Hawkins said. “They are given chances to take remedial courses before they can take the regular general education requirements.”

Although this may be so, some students who worked hard in high school may find this confusing. This tells them they may not have had to put so much effort into their grades to gain admission to FAMU.

Although we have faith in our fellow Rattlers, we also realized the University is taking a big chance by admitting them.

Many people already categorize FAMU as a party school, and if the University continues to lower its standards, imagine how the school will be viewed in the years to come.

Angelica Roberts for the Editorial Board.