Give a dog a bone

In the beginning God created women and dogs – I mean, men. The word dog is a harsh pronoun to compare to a human who has a one-track mind and very often little emotion, or is it?

It was brought to my attention that the men on Florida A&M University’s campus are certified dogs! What does that mean? The men that attend FAMU aren’t only here to receive a degree. They are also here to become certified in the game of being a “player.”

Women, don’t get your hopes up just because I let you in on this little secret. You’re the ones that signed off on these “players’ ” graduate certificates.

Let’s rationalize. A boy meets a fine girl in the café. Boy ‘spits game’ and gets girl’s number. Boy walks down the stairs and sees another fine girl. Boy spits the same game and gets the second girl’s number, as well. Then, the pattern continues.

How did this cycle start? Women. When men finally find a girl that he figures he can put away his player card with, she gets comfortable.

It’s so typical. Women wear fly outfits that show off their hourglass figures, wrap their hair nightly and apply MAC foundation, mascara and lip liner to make them look like they just stepped out of a photo shoot with VIBE.

The woman swears she can ‘put it down’ behind closed doors, and men don’t find out if she really can until the commitment starts.

As soon as the status on Facebook changes to “in a relationship,” she shows the man all of her flaws.

All of a sudden, the girl starts wearing brown sweat pants that she cuffs inside of her socks because of the bleach spots at the bottom. She wears her large black and blue hoodie with her high school’s writing on the front.

Complementing her outfit is a gel-stained scarf with five faded colors that covers the mess called a wrap sitting on top of her head.

This is when the male dog wants to find a new toy to keep his attention.

The search to find the next ‘wifey’ continues, and in return hearts will be broken and skirts will be chased.

When will this trend stop? Never. The reasons for this cycle are boredom and selfishness from both genders. It may not always be noticeable to the doer that these are the reasons. Some “dogs” see it as common knowledge passed down from one dog to another.

Real men don’t have time for puppy love, and neither should real women.

There will always be incoming freshmen that learn bad habits and pass them on to their predecessors. But it’s our job as upper classmen to stop them in their tracks.

Josh King is a senior magazine production student from Jacksonville. He can be reached at