Bagel franchise will replace Orange Room

Einstein Bros. Bagels, scheduled to open during the fall semester of 2008, will replace The Orange Room with a healthier eating alternative for Florida A&M University students.

“We proposed a sophisticated, more upscale version of The Orange Room,” said Director of Business and Auxiliary Services Michael Smith. The concept will be an Einstein bagel shop.”

The eatery will serve fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, baked goods and much more, said Terry Woodard, director of Food and Dining Services.

“There will be no cooking going on,” he said. “All the food will be fresh and ready to eat.”

Officials said they are pleased to bring a new franchise to FAMU.

“We are excited to be in a position to add nicer things to FAMU’s campus,” Smith said. “The master plan, which is based on the University’s needs, has already been projected.”

Facilities Director Sam Houston explained the breakdown of the $14.7 million budget.

“There are two budgets,” Houston said. “$500,000 will be used just for the shell of the building. The rest of the monies will be used for the inside of the project like the café, the furniture, the equipment and computers, etc. We will deal with other renovations like the sidewalks and the power problems so that students can have an overall better experience.”

Houston said the space will be located in the educational building area.

Along with the café will be a testing lab, lecture hall and computer center, Woodard said.

The area in front of “The Set” will also be renovated. The Commons, will be a sit-down lab where students will have computer access and a dining area. Woodard said the 18-month project is scheduled for fall 2008, and will be about 3,000 sq. ft.

Houston explained the need to renovate The Commons.

“Part of the building was closed for about three years because of problems with the electrical system,” he said. “The new development will enhance the area for students, and it will be an overall better experience.”