His story is our history

All hail Sen. Barack Obama! History is happening right before our very eyes.

Never in history has a black U.S. presidential candidate (this includes the Rev. Jesse Jackson and activist Al Sharpton) impacted a race as much or raised nearly as much money as Obama.

Receiving endorsements and kudos from other political and non-political leaders like Oprah Winfrey, John Kerry and more recently, former president and husband of Obama’s Democratic rival – Bill Clinton.

Clinton, who recently called into Sharpton’s radio show to address the controversy over his wife’s remarks just before the New Hampshire primary, said, “He’s (Obama) put together a great campaign. It’s clearly not a fairy tale, it’s real,” Clinton said. “He might win.”

Although there are incidents like the Jena Six case and the Martin Lee Anderson murder conspiracy, the Obama race for president has become a breath of fresh air for all Americans regardless of race.

Obama should serve as inspiration for young black people to realize that maybe becoming the president of the United States is no longer a dream…rather a reality.

The Florida primary on Jan. 29 is a time for students to utilize their voice regardless of which candidate you will cast a vote for.

Let’s not make this presidential race about “race,” but about the important issues.

This is you. This is now. This is history. We tip our hats to you, Sen. Obama.

Nyerere Davidson for the Editorial Board.